How to make a loot or a lot of money in this economy



The definition of Loot is simply a lot of money.

Given the current state of the US economy we will discuss how you can make a lot of money, or a Loot, in the following categories:

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Refinancing your Mortgage: The Federal Reserve has been recently cutting interest rates. Mortgage rates are based on long term interest rates that are set in the market but influenced by the Federal Reserve Federal Funds Rate. Home owners should start studying refinancing their home mortgage in order to lower their monthly bills.

Paying down your Credit Card Bills: Just like mortgage refinancing, you can make a lot of money by consolidating your credit card bills into one account that is subject to a low interest rates. You should be getting a lot of offers from credit providers to consolidate your loans. You should take advantage of these offers particularly if the interest rates you are offered are lower than what you are paying.

This is all about money and how to make mad money by saving money.